Image and artwork

For my production work I plan on changing two things. 1.) Producer name, from Ioan to something else 2.) Image, the visual elements that will go along with my music will be split into two sections The first section is textured geometric shapes that uses topology. ┬áThe second section is based on the paintings of […]

Portfolio Develepment

To develop my online presence and prepare to put together a portfolio, it is important to have a look at other portfolios from people in the field I wish to enter. There are 3 things I want to do post graduation, these are: 1.) Continue producing and start gigging properly and further develop myself as […]

Production midterm

These are some of my tunes so far. Desert island is in need of some supper saturation, and Triangles everywhere all the time is still under much work. My plan is to carry on creating music until the end of February, the main priority then would be to make sure everything is mixed down and […]

Some Links

Andreas Nicolas Fischer is a mutant/visual artist who as far as I can tell uses Blender, Cinema4D and a few other programs that use python. a link to his Vimeo is: Below is a link to an advanced meshing made simple library The Link below is amazing in terms of Aesthetics […]